As one of the world wonders, Terracotta Warriors in located to east of Xian city. It was built more than two thousand years ago in Qin dynasty under the decree of Emperor Qin. With the belief that his power was going to be everlasting, he ordered an army to be built to guard this eternal power. It is already confirmed that there will be more than eight thousand lifesize Terra Cotta Warriors unearthed in pieced and to be restored together. They were found on March 29th, 1974 by several farmers who were digging the water well.....etc

Being one of the most famous and sacred mountains in China. Mount.Hua is located some 120 kiloemeters to east of Xian city. People going there usually have a day tour to visit mountains from Xian. Unless you arrive at the foot of the mountain late afternoon and start hiking to the top. This sounds very adventurous, but the sunrise next morning will be just spectacular.

The museum of HanYangLing Mausoleum is one of the highlights in Xian. Unlike the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, There were hundreds of thousands of figurine warriors built during the Han Dynasty some 100 years BC. together with numerous pottery livestock made as the burial objects of the emperor of the Han Dynasty. All these warriors are found naked because their satin or fabric-made costumes had faded over the past two thousand years. This museum is located in between Xian downtown and the airport.....etc

Bell Tower and Drum Tower in Xian were built during the Ming Dynasty in 1360s AD. There are are the best preserved of its kind in China. They are located in central point of Xian, During ancient times. people strike Bell at six in the morning and beat the drum at six in the evening to report time. There are regarded as the landmark of Xian and presenting us the high level of skills in traditional Chinese archetecture......etc

Big Wild Goose Pagoda is located in south part of Xian with a histroy of over 1300 years from the Tang Dynasty. It was the temple that the most famous Chinese monk Tripitaka stayed to translate sutras he brought back from India.Around the pagoda today, visitors may enjoy the spectacular Fountain Show and the Xian Night View which is just breathtaking.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the landmarks of Xian, Built some 1300 years ago, it served as the royal temple during the Tang Dyansty. The Pagoda still stands there with its 13 stories remain intact, Surrounding the Pagoga is a very nice park with Chinese traditional buildings remian from old days alond the central path.

BanPo Museum is located in the east suburb of Xian, on the way to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. It is so named because the museum is located on half way on a big slop. In Chinese language, Ban literally means'Half ' and " Po ' just means Slope. It is a museum built on the actual village ruins from more than 5000 years ago. The village belongs to the Neolithic age consisting of Living area, Cemetary as well as Pottery-making area.

This Mosque was built during the Tang Dyansty more than 1000 years ago by Arabian Merchants and traders who came to China along the SilkRoad. With time went by, the Mosque remains more in the Ming dynasty archetectural style. This is also one of the few mosques in China built in Chinese garden style with courtyards and lattices windows.visitors are always amzed by the tranquil atmosphere in the place.

Being one of the most comprehensive museums in China, this is one of the must-see sites during a tour in Xian. It has three major exhibitions displaying artifacts from different dynasties of China together with many other treasures onced used by royalty as well as by common class in ancent times.

The City Wall in Xian is the best preserved city fortress in the world built during the Ming Dynasty. It runs 13.7 kilometers all the way around the entire city of Xian. The top is averagely 12 to 14 meters wide while the base is in between of 16 to 18 meters.

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