The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are located in Xian,China. It is the only example presenting how Chinese army in ancient times performed and they were built during the Qin Dynasty more than 2200 years ago and arrnaged in actual battle formation. According to the study and excavation, there will be more than eight thousand Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses to be unerathed....

Feng-shui is a Chinese concept of choosing and planning the living environments ac- cording to ideal guidelines. The name "feng-shui" literally means Wind and water in Chinese. The feng-shui culture has exerted.Palaces, Temples,Mausoleums in China were all built in accordance with the FengShui guideline,For example, the Terracotta Army in Xi'an was built exactly in a perfect Fengshui location.

Zheng He was a Muslim Admiral of one of the greatest fleets in Chinese history and perhaps world history.Born to a poor family in Southwest of China,Zheng He was captured by the Ming army as a young boy and became a eunuch.Quickly rising up the ranks,he was eventually given command of the navy after emperor Ming Cheng Zu seized power. What followed were voyages of exploration that took Chinese treasure ships all over the globe.

The ticket price of Terracotta Army Museum in Xian is 150 Yuan per person in Chinese money for adult.But there is discount for children under certain height.Please make sure you are aware of this before signing up a tour in Xian to visit the Terracotta Army and other historical heritage sites

The Train between Xian and ChengDu is now in operation which makes it possible for visitors to see the Terracotta Army in the morning in Xian and enjoy the tour in the afternoon in Chengdu.

Ticket System of Terracotta Museum is now changed,All visitors must purchase the ticket in line at the ticket counter with valid passport upon arrival. Alternatively to reserve ticket a day in advance on line through the museum weichat,or the online ticket booking system.

The Chinese Sculptures from ancient times still remain intact that can be seen in Xi'an, not only the 8000 life-sized Terracotta Warriors, but also the Xi'an Stone Forest Museum in the downtown is one of the best ancient archives for the study of ancient China. There are also many sculptures on display in the history museum in Xi'an. They bear the arts from the time they were built.

Xian Tour Booking offers best tour to Terracotta Warriors Museum, visitors are able to see the colored face on display from over two thousand two hundred years ago. There are many more warriors on display in the original color as well, all because of the latest technology being applied in its excavation and restoration.

Tours to Terracotta Warriors will not just go to visit the three burial pits, but one of the display will be the beautiful bronze weapons found there as well. When enjoy the Terracotta Warriors Tour, make sure that you will see them.

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