The Train between Xian and ChengDu is now in operation which makes it possible for visitors to see the Terracotta Army in the morning in Xian and enjoy the tour in the afternoon in Chengdu.

Ticket System of Terracotta Museum is now changed,All visitors must purchase the ticket in line at the ticket counter with valid passport upon arrival. Alternatively to reserve ticket a day in advance on line through the museum weichat,or the online ticket booking system.

The Chinese Sculptures from ancient times still remain intact that can be seen in Xi'an, not only the 8000 life-sized Terracotta Warriors, but also the Xi'an Stone Forest Museum in the downtown is one of the best ancient archives for the study of ancient China. There are also many sculptures on display in the history museum in Xi'an. They bear the arts from the time they were built.

Xian Tour Booking offers best tour to Terracotta Warriors Museum, visitors are able to see the colored face on display from over two thousand two hundred years ago. There are many more warriors on display in the original color as well, all because of the latest technology being applied in its excavation and restoration.

Tours to Terracotta Warriors will not just go to visit the three burial pits, but one of the display will be the beautiful bronze weapons found there as well. When enjoy the Terracotta Warriors Tour, make sure that you will see them.

Other than just doing a Xian Tour from Beijing or Shanghai to see the Terracotta Warriors, If you are a history lover and wish to enjoy more. A trip from Xian to MaiJiShan would be another great choice to visit the Buddhist Grottoes. There are several options to do it

Tours from DaTong to Hanging Temple can be really rewarding.The Hanging Temple is also called XuanKongSi in Chinese. It is located in Shanxi Province not very far from PingYao ancient town. This is a very unique Buddhist temple built above the group along the sheer rocks. Visitors could come to see this beautiful temple on the way from DaTong to PingYao or WuTaiShan Mountains.

Visit Xian in winter days could be a good choice for those foreign Expats who live and work in China. There are just few visitors at the Museum of Terracotta Warriors, especially early in the morning, you could really have a beautiful photo of Terracotta Warriors in the whole battle formation without any other traveler in your photo.

It is easy to travel to Xian from Beijing or Shanghai, Traveling to Xian by train is one of the most economic and easy ways. Train from Shanghai to Xian may take overnight , so does the one from Beijing to Xian. This article provides some information on how train system and facilities are like in China. For more information in details, please contact us

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