Located about 120 kilometers to east of Xi'an, Mountain Hua is one of China's five most sacred mountains:, The jagged scenery unfolds like a an eye-catching piece of Chinese traditional painting. A Xian Day Tour to Mountain Hua shall be leaving the hotel early in the morning.

Overhanging rock and distant precipices wink from above, and clumps of vegetation peek out from the

mysterious crevices. The Mountain Hua's awe-inspiring peaks will surely take visitors breath away.

Covering an area of more than 150 square kilometers. Mount Hua consists over 70 peaks and ridges. It is a branch of the Qin Ling Mountain Range which serves as the dividing line between north and south China.The mountain was formed as a result of the dramatic tectonic movements millions of years ago.

Out of all its perilous peaks, the five most outstanding peaks are the North, South, East, and the central ones -- They stand like petals of a blossoming lotus flower touching the clouds.

At the height of 2,160 meters above the sea level, South Peak is the highest among all, while the lowest North Peak is still over 1614 meters.In the early mornings and late evenings, cushions of mist dramatically swirl around these granite peaks, leading visitors into an atmosphere of being romantic, and mythic.

Visiting the mountain can be a Day trip, or even a trip of two days to watch the spectacular Sun-Rising above the cloud from the top of east peak.There are two ways up the mountain. All the five peaks are accessible on foot for those fit ones, or by cable car, the terminus of the which is built at the Mountain base to ferry visitors to the North peak.and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The best way to see as many peaks as possible within one day, but to save energy and time is to take cable car which follows the stairs to lead up North Peak, from there to make your way to the other peaks.The five peaks are about an hour walk from each other.

For those climbers, If you have a bit more time available and are ready for that heart pumping, Climbing up the North peak would be a good opportunity to test your mettle .

The climbing - up the 1,640 meter high North Peak starts off gradually enough, but remember that you have just begun a 6-kilometer long trek which spans over three thousand steps, most of which are in good condition and though some are horizontal incisions trying to pass off steps, Chained railings help the ascending. It averagely takes two to three hours to reach the top of North Peak, of there is no rest en route.

On a clear sunny day, the sunray cast dramatic light and shadows against the rocky surfaces, endless steps winding like snake through trees, boulders, lush greenery, Over rippling brooks, visitors have the feeling of being transported into the underbelly of a heaving canyon.

In the Mountain, the nature makes the best companion, between the pinnacle and the valley is a restful of calm, No wonder many Buddhist scholars, and Taoist masters came to the mountain to meditate and refine their classics over the past hundreds of years.

If you are ready to visit the fantastic Mountain, Get a move on an early morning, not to mention the many ridges, caves, pavilions, there are also sculptures; engravings, Buddhist and Taoist temples .All make it a sacred mountain.

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